Client Reviews

Client Reviews

I am so happy to have found Claire!  Her classes both met me where I was (both prenatal and postnatal) and challenged me at the same time.  Even on zoom during the pandemic, Claire helped me find calm, energy and strength on my mat.  In addition to her wonderful classes, Claire is great to work with for planning and scheduling. – RN

I absolutely love working with Claire.  While encouraging me to stay mindful and focused on the practice and my breath, we still always trying new things and have fun! She has a full knowledge of the practice, so she is able to offer up new ways to come in and out of a flow, or change our style of practice depending on what I need on any given day.  Highly recommend! – MS

I’m so glad I found Claire! In the past I’ve found it difficult to find a yoga teacher whom I’m able to build a trusting bond with, who understands what I need and what I fear… Claire is great, she takes time to get to know me as a person and at the beginning of each session she listens to how I’m feeling – both mentally and physically – then tailors our time together so I get the maximum benefit, always feel stretched, energized and ready to tackle what the universe throws at me afterwards with clarity. Claire gets me – and my sense of humor – so whilst I would love to keep her a secret and all to myself, I know I must share her amazing abilities with others and I can’t recommend her enough! – AM

Claire has been a staple in my prenatal yoga practice and postnatal recovery. She adjusts flawlessly to my needs and energy during each session. She is encouraging when I need a push and gentle when I need someone to slow me down. For someone who really wasn’t “into” yoga, Claire has totally changed my perspective. Through my practice with her, I have learned to slow down and manage my stress in a healthy way. Thanks Claire! – BH

With Claire’s support I shifted lifelong habits to shed over 55 lbs. More importantly, I feel great and the changes are sustainable. The personal attention and authentic expertise she offers are beyond compare. – LJ

I’ve been working with Claire to help me reach my weight loss and health goals for the past 6 months.  She helped me lose 58 pounds!   When we first started working together, I platued and wasn’t losing any more weight after giving birth to 3 children in 5 years.  I explained to her that my life was hectic and I couldn’t make drastic changes.  She helped me develop a slow and steady approach. She assessed my nutritional state of affairs with conversations and a food log.  She then made some simple suggestions to guide me to better snacking, less nighttime binging, more hydration and generally a more balanced diet with more whole foods.  She is consistently encouraging and never gave up on me.  She helped me to move past any hiccups quickly and generally has a realistic yet very positive mind frame.  I’m so grateful and thankful to have met her and worked with her to help me reach my goals.  Thank you Claire! – TS

Claire is a fantastic yoga teacher -- intentional and thoughtful. The prenatal classes I took were an integral part of my weekly routine and helped me manage a host of pregnancy aches and pains. I highly recommend them! -JL

Claire's prenatal classes were the highlight of my week throughout pregnancy. I appreciated how Claire tailored the practice to meet the needs of each person in class. Claire knew exactly which poses would help manage specific pains. I am so grateful for Claire and her expertise in prenatal yoga! - MH